Additional Hand Made Items


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Memory Bears

Fabric and colors subject to availability

Prices subject to change

Quantity Discount available for large orders

We can accept Credit Cards, Cash and local checks.

If you don't have an item to use we can get fabric that would best represent your memory with color or a pattern just us know. Contact for details about specific order pricing and turn-around time for delivery - goal is 4 weeks. Expedited Delivery Fee is $40 per Bear for less than 2 week delivery requests.

*Due to the nature of special orders there are No Refunds, we make every effort to satisfactorily fill your order as requested and on time.​​

We can crate a one-of-a-kind personal bear.  Bears can be made from most clothing articles ranging from a uniform to a wedding dress.  Custom bears come in 3 sizes, lined and lightweight they can be a unique keepsake or a huggable friend.

Custom Memory Bear:

  • 18 inch starting at $65
  • 22 inch starting at $75
  • 26 inch starting at $85

​​Potholder Mitts - Large Set of 2 - $10
Potholder Mitt Jr. - Set of 2 - $8

Mitts can be used for Oven and Microwave pan removal. 

Bowl Cozie - Large $12 / Medium $9

Keep warm food warm and cold food cold in your bowl Cozie. 

Not recommended for use in microwave, conventional oven or toaster over, this can be a fire hazard.

Potato Steamer - $6                

Instructions: Rinse and poke holes in your potato, keeping the potato wet lay inside your potato steamer and microwave for 2-3 min (add more time as needed). Wash your Potato Steamer as needed, no fabric softener and lay flat to dry. Warning: Caution Contents will be HOT - Do Not leave unattended when cooking

Do not use in your toaster oven or conventional oven, this can be a fire hazard.

Tortilla Warmer - $10

Cooking time depends on the number of Tortillas & the wattage of your Microwave. Start in 30-60 second intervals. Caution contents may be HOT -Do Not leave unattended when cooking. 

Wash Tortilla Warmer as needed, no fabric softner and lay flat to dry.

Tea/Flour Sack Towels - $8  (Comes with various color fabric appliques)

Bamboo or Stainless Steel Re-Usable Straw $3 each

Straw Cotton Fabric Cover $3 each - colors/prints will vary

Knit Dish Scrubbie - $3

Facial Knit Scrubbie - $5 each, 3 for $12 (Cotton/Bamboo/Modal yarn)​​